Corporate Marketing Training

Corporate Marketing Training Overview

BeeSmart Social Media often find brands have marketing teams capable of implementing advanced strategies, but those teams often need regular training to stay abreast of the constantly changing landscape of digital marketing.

Our internal training services are highly-customized to the client and provided at the client’s location, unless the client prefers offsite training. This training can be paired with accountability plans or additional consulting to answer questions and ensure implementation by the team.

The end goal of any training is to put the right knowledge in the hands of the right people for our client, and to encourage those people to implement what they learned by holding them accountable for results.

How Corporate Marketing Training Helps a Company

Corporate marketing training topics can vary widely, based on our clients’ needs. The end goal is to empower our clients’ people with knowledge to successfully implement the tactics we train them to use.

Training can often be a benefit offered to employees as an incentive to work for, and stay with, your company. It can also help leadership attain peace of mind that their marketing teams are ahead of the curve when compared to competitors.

Finally, training can improve corporate culture by showing that leadership believes in investing in the employees.

Who Corporate Marketing Training Benefits Most?

Most established companies with over 25 employees can benefit from our corporate marketing training. Our internal training services can be for as few as 3 people to as many as 30. We offer trainings from 4 hours to multiple day sessions.

Most of our clients who participate in a training program are established businesses that have at least 2 people heavily involved with digital marketing efforts. We’ve also trained leadership teams on various topics to enable them to effectively lead their teams in the realm of digital marketing.

What does Corporate Marketing Training Look Like?

Our services vary based on our client’s needs, and most of the BeeSmart Social Media corporate training is provided at the client’s site (unless otherwise requested). Our training services generally include:

  • Program selection advice – we help clients, if requested, determine what training makes the most sense for their situation.
  • Program creation and customization – this includes research, program preparation, and creating a customized training experience for your tea
  • On-site training – one of our specialized facilitators comes to your location and trains your team on site (unless otherwise preferred).
  • Follow-up services. If requested, we also offer many different follow up services, from broad accountability to one-on-one video follow-ups with the trainees.

We find that the trainees leave our training sessions with several, actionable items and start to implement them almost immediately. BeeSmart’s training stress the importance of action and accountability, focused on achieving goals, and we reiterate that message throughout the training. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more.