Companies with a Social Mission – Marketing in Action

Today we’d like to walk you through some companies with a social mission marketing examples. There are so many ways you can have a social mission and incorporate it into your marketing. Let’s dive in!

One of the things we look for in clients is that they have a social mission. But one of the questions we get quite frequently is “Okay that’s great Julie, but how do you authentically and naturally incorporate a social mission into the marketing message for your client?” Instead of talking to you and telling you how to do that I thought I would show you how it works. Make sure you watch the video above to see live examples of a client that does a great job at incorporating their social mission into their overall marketing campaigns.


Social Mission Example: LoLo Body Care

We are going to look at LoLo Body Care as an example. They are a client of ours that sells homemade soaps and lotions and things of that nature for skin care. Some of their social missions include eco-friendly and they also really believe in supporting creativity. Those are just some of their social missions. The very first thing you must understand is that those are absolutely true to the brand. It carries through to how the brand packages their material, how the brand talks to their customers and in the products. The very first thing you must know is your social mission has to be very true and aligned with your brand and your products.

Why is Social Mission Marketing Important?

When you dive in and look at the LoLo Body Care website you can see right away social missions are important to them. They talk about sustainable packaging. Clearly, they are using tin can which is reusable and recyclable. Sustainable packaging jumps off the screen at you.  Also, they are planting trees based on funds from customer purchases. Right away the eco-friendly mission is reinforced. But it goes a lot deeper than that.  Now, you may be asking why is this important? Consumers are more likely to and are more open to spending more money on products that have some type of social mission. Consumers want to know about a company’s social mission.

When you hop over to the About Us page for LoLo you can see their whole manifesto. This is where LoLo Body Care shares what they care about. Loyalty, adventure, kindness, all those things are particularly important to them. What I really like is that they do a great job of weaving in their mission without it overpowering their product. That is one thing you must remember.  It is great to have a social mission but you are ultimately trying to sell product so that you can help your social mission.

When you are doing social media marketing you don’t want your cause to overshadow the product or service you’re actually providing.  If you go to this to “live their dream” link LoLo is a Kiva supporter.  They lend money to small businesses around the world to help other small businesses fulfill their missions and to help those businesses grow. If you continue to scroll you will see all of the individuals and smb’s that LoLo Body Care has funded. You can see that this company is living their mission. They are not just putting content out about it. You must show people what you’re doing.  It must be true and authentic.


Carrying a Social Mission Over to Social Media

Finally, if we hop over to their Instagram account, this is where we do a lot of content for LoLo. Another of LoLo’s missions is body positivity. No matter the skin you are in, LoLo wants you to love your body and want you to feel good about who you are. These are content points you want to talk about in marketing.  “You look great naked” messaging highlights body positivity.  You can see it’s nicely blended in their Instagram feed with pictures of products, sustainability messaging, and pictures of their recyclable packaging.

There are so many ways you can have a social mission and incorporate it into your social media marketing without it overshadowing your product or service and with it being authentic. You have to find that balance when you’re doing social mission marketing.

Additional Social Mission Marketing Examples

  • Try to get your employees engaged in this if you can.
  • Work with brands that have a similar message or support similar causes like LoLo Body Care does.

The important thing to take away from this is you can’t just talk about your social mission you really you have to live it. LoLo Body Care does a great job of doing that as you can see on their social media profiles and on their websites and with some of the causes they are involved with.