closing-the-loop-ropeHave you ever invested in a marketing campaign, but then after it’s over the leads go cold, because you really don’t know what to do with them? Here’s a few examples. You post to social media, but then what? You send traffic to your website, but then what? Or maybe you host an event, but then what? What do you do with the people who come to that event, with the people who’ve gone to your website? What do you do with that? Well here at BeeSmart those “then-whats?”, that’s what we call “closing the loop”.

Closing the Loop – Setting Up For Success

Here’s a little secret, for a marketing campaign to be successful, you have to have a plan to close the loop for any campaign you’re running. So here’s an example of how this works. A client of ours promotes their live events through influencer marketing on social media. So basically you get the influencer to talk about the event to their followers. Now when people register for that event though, my client captures their email address, and then we also capture addresses at live at the event, just in case we missed some people. Capturing those email addresses is what we call “closing the loop”.



Then using some type of remarketing strategy to email those people long after that event is over, is part of that closing the loop plan. If people take time out of their schedule to come to an event, where they know that a business is coming to promote themselves somewhat, those individual are probably interested in that business. So you want to make sure there’s some type of plan to continue marketing to them well after that event is over. So that accomplishes two things, number one it makes sure that you aren’t wasting your time or your resources with a one and done type of marketing campaign, because you’re capturing leads one way or another to remarket to them later. Two it makes sure that you have a way to continue warming those leads up over the course of time.

What’s Your Closing the Loop?

Every marketing campaign should have some type of closing the loop plan, because otherwise you’re just kind of wasting all of your resources on a one-and-done solution. I think we all know that promoting a business is never just a one time thing. It’s an ongoing, recurring event. So by capturing those leads in one way or another, you can ensure that you have options to market to them going forward.

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