Client Spotlight Roundup!

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Client Spotlight Roundup!

This month, we’re doing something a little different for the Client Showcase section. We’re looking back at our favorite highlights, and updating you about where these clients are now!

Blue-J Cleaning

Blue-J debuted our Showcase Buzz section in our first edition of Backstage Buzz. They’re continuing to grow their business, and have signed up several new clients this year (so far). Blue-J also recently launched a new website, and they attended the annual Autism Society of North Carolina’s annual conference. On Facebook, they gained 233 organic engagements (likes, shares, comments) in the first quarter, which is a solid number to achieve without the use of ads.

Turning Point Business Coaching

Warren at Turning Point Business Coaching continues to help small business owners in the Charlotte-area grow their business, and reach their definition of success. Turning Point’s social media statistics are holding steady across all platforms, which is a good indication that the content we post for Turning Point remains effective. During the first quarter of 2018, Turning Point reached close to 5,800 people on Facebook, had 317 impressions on LinkedIn, and a few mentions on Twitter. We’re pretty happy with these outcomes for Warren, based on his budget and needs.


Cleanlots continues to clean-up on Facebook. With the help of our advertising services, Cleanlots reached over 43,000 people on Facebook in the first quarter. Cleanlots has also achieved over 1,600 clicks on their Facebook content in the same time frame. We’re looking forward to continuing the success we’ve seen on Facebook, and we’re exploring an expansion onto Instagram. Read more about the Cleanlots story on the original case study.

Assisted Living Locators Charlotte

Assisted Living Locators Charlotte continues to grow. They’re in the process of hiring a few employees, and they’re rocking and rolling in business. On social media, they’re reaching an average of 300 people a month on LinkedIn, and over 400 a month on Facebook. Both of those numbers are almost double what they were in January! You can read more about their original case study here.

We’re looking forward to what all of our clients will do during the rest of 2018!

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