Cheap Social Media Marketing Services

“I have plenty of time to manage my company’s social media marketing,” said no business owner, ever.

We get it, your time is limited. That’s why we offer cheap social media plans for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

At BeeSmart Social Media, we offer cheap social media marketing services that feel anything but cheap.

Our $75/month cheap social media service is no contract, cancel anytime (with a 30 day notice), and it delivers results. This plan is often all your company needs for social media, and will allow you to use your time running other parts of your business.

cheap Social Media Marketing services

Instead of worrying about your company’s social media pages being outdated, you can relax and know our cheap social media marketing services are taking care of it, for you.

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These plans are designed to grow your company’s presence online, through social media, so more people will know about your brand.

Cheap Social Media Marketing Plans

If you’ve searched for a social media marketing provider, and keep running into long-term contracts and/or prices that are out of your budget, you’ve come to the right place.

We want to help your micro-business succeed! Our founder is an entrepreneur, and she truly understands the challenges other entrepreneurs and micro-business owners face when it comes to social media marketing. She designed these low cost social media plans just for you!

For $75/month, you receive the following services:

-9 total social media posts per week, spread across 3 different networks, through 3 posts on Twitter, 3 posts on Facebook, and 3 posts on LinkedIn OR Google+.

-We find the content for you – you can be totally hands off. If you have content you want to post, email it to us, and we will post it for you.

-Unlimited phone/email consulting for all of your online marketing questions. Our team has over 10 years of experience with social media marketing, but we also know a good deal about: content marketing, blogging, Google rankings/SEO, Pay-Per-Click, email marketing, website issues, and much more. One call or email, and you have help with most of your online world questions.

-No Contract, cancel anytime with a 30 day notice.

All of the above is included in our cheap social media marketing services for $75/month. Pretty good, huh?

Cheap Social Media Service Faster Growth

If you would like your social media following to grow a little more quickly, our affordable social media marketing services for faster growth start at $150/month. These plans are also no contract, cancel anytime with a  30 day notice.

The $150/month+ plans are designed for the entrepreneur and micro-business owner who wants to do a little more, and needs a cheap social media service alternative to the companies charging $500/month on a year-long contract.

No worries, we’ve got you covered.

For $150/month, our cheap social media growth plan include:

cheap social media piggy bank

–All of what the $75/month plan includes, PLUS,

–$75/month towards social media paid ads, such as Facebook ads. These ads help you more quickly achieve business goals.

-One week of strategic social profile growth efforts for your brand, on one social network.

We have other plans, if you’d like to do more. Our plans can grow WITH you, if you choose.

Many of our clients stay on the $75/month or $150/month plans for the long-term; they find it’s all they need for their business. We’ve had some clients for 3 years and counting!

Effective Cheap Social Media Marketing Services

We provide quality, effective social media marketing for entrepreneurs and micro-businesses like you. We understand that you do not have thousands of dollars to invest in social media marketing every month, so we’ve created these social media marketing services JUST FOR YOU.

You may ask, “How can we provide such low cost services, and still maintain quality?”

That is a very good question.

We’ve developed a very efficient system for delivery of these services. We won’t give away our secrets here (because of competitors), but we are a profitable company. We make a profit on each client. We would not be in business for 7 years (and counting) if we did not!

We could charge close to $200 for our $75 service, but we do not.

We feel our pricing is fair, profitable, and also provides undeniable value to our clients. We have some clients who’ve been with us, on our $75/month, for 4+ years. We must be doing something right.

If you have any concerns, check out our testimonials. We can also provide numerous references for you to call, to do your homework and check us out.

We’ve built our entire platform around providing cheap social media solutions to level the playing field for the little guys, so they can get and stay in the game. That’s what we’re all about – helping entrepreneurs and micro-businesses stay competitive.

Our cheap social media plans feel anything but cheap – they’re effective at getting your company the attention it deserves on social media.

From our customer service to the actual work we provide, you’ll quickly see why we’ve been around for 7 years in a field that is less than 10 years old.

Cheap Social Media Marketing Services Results

cheap social media marketing analytical reports

We understand that whatever marketing you invest in for your business, you need to be able to measure it someway to ensure it is effective.

What can you expect while working with us? You can expect to look good online.

You can expect intangibles like timely and helpful customer service, having a trusted partner on your team, and better understanding how social media can help your business.

But it’s not just about the good feeling you get from working with us. We provide tangible results as well. We want results for your company, just like you do.


Here are a few results to expect when you’re a client on our $75/month plan:

-Increased in social engagement, such as comments on Facebook posts, Retweets on Twitter, etc.

-Improved search engine results for your company’s name.

-Stay in front of current and former customers on the social networks they use every day.

-Peace of mind because your social media is taken care of for you.

We recommend giving it at least 3 months, preferably 6 months, to see the above results. Some clients do experience faster results.

If you’d like to see results in the first month, we’d recommend our $150/month social plan.

Our $150/month cheap social media marketing plan will:

-Do everything our $75/month plan does.

-Increase social media following growth, such as Facebook Likes.

-Drive traffic to your website.

-Increase validation of your business as a reputable company.

-Establish longer-term relationships through social networks.

Cheap Social Media Marketing Services on Other Networks

cheap social media pinterestcheap social media instagramNot so interested in LinkedIn or Twitter? Want to explore Pinterest or Instagram instead?

For a small additional fee, we can include Pinterest or Instagram in your cheap social media marketing plan. We need to charge a small additional fee for these networks for two reasons. First, we must add additional software to manage your account. Second, it takes just a little longer to implement these other social networks.

We do not publish those additional charges on our website because we do not want competitors stealing our thunder :-)

Trust us when we say though, the additional charge is in line with the rest of our pricing. It does not double your price; not even close. Just email or call us, let us know you’re interested in the additional networks, and we’ll discuss pricing with you.

Get In The Game

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