The truth is… you might already one. Learn more about how to identify your social mission.

I have talked a lot about social mission and how important it is for a company to have one. Do you know how to identify your social mission? We’re here to help.

The truth is you probably already have a social mission.

When I was figuring this out for BeeSmart, instead of looking at the whole organization and having one set social mission,  I let our culture point of generosity guide me. What we do is we give a set amount of money each month to every employee’s chosen non-profit or cause of choice.

Instead of forcing everyone in the company to get on board with one mission or one social cause, we have an overall social mission of generosity and I donate money basically to every employee’s cause of choice.


 Look around you and see what most of your employees believe in.

Examples of how to identify your social mission

Let’s say that you and your organization as a whole have recently taken steps to lower your carbon footprint.  Maybe it’s solar panels, maybe it’s a recycling program, whatever that may be- well there you go you’ve got a social mission right there.


Caring about the environment -that’s your social mission.

If you’re anything like the team here at BeeSmart, we all have a rescue pet. At least one rescue pet, some of us have multiple.  So, if everyone in your organization or almost everyone has adopted a rescue pet has -maybe that’s your social mission.  Caring about and caring for rescue animals.

Another Social Mission Example

Let’s say most people in your organization participate in a breast cancer awareness walk every single year in October.  And it’s a big deal. The team does it together. That might be your cause. Breast Cancer awareness might be your social mission.

A lot of business owners get hung up in that mindset of “I’ve got to sit down and really think through this” when the reality is you most likely have a social mission already. You just have to look around a little bit to find it.

If you have any questions about identifying your own social mission, I’m happy to talk through that. One of the things that we really believe in here at BeeSmart is serving other businesses by supporting their social missions, so I’d love to speak with you.