Blog Roundup – In Case You Missed It!

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Blog Roundup – In Case You Missed It!

We’ve written several blogs so far this year, and it’s likely you haven’t seen some of them yet! In case you missed it, here are a few of our other blogs that are worth checking out. Even if you’ve read these already, these blogs are worth a 2nd read.

Social Media Assumptions – This one social media assumption changed how small business owners view social media marketing for business. Check out the video from Julie on this blog post!

Social Media Sales – In this blog, we tackle the sales and lead generation questions head-on. We also share how social can, and cannot, support the sales and business development functions in a small business.

2018 Social Media Trends – We’re now into the 2nd quarter of 2018, and we’re seeing all of these come to fruition in social media marketing. Check out the trends we predicted for 2018, and let us know what you’re seeing out there on social.

5 Ways to Leverage Twitter – While Twitter isn’t making waves in the news like it once was, it’s still an effective social network for a variety of purposes. It’s great for driving website traffic and connecting with influencers. Learn a few ways to leverage Twitter to its maximum potential.

Find Your Audience on Social Media – One of the most important elements of any social media strategy is identifying where your audience hangs out. This blog provides a good overview of the bigger social networks, and gives you an idea of age range on each.

Other Social Media Stories

Facebook, 3rd-party apps, and Zuck’s trip to Congress. Facebook recently landed in hot water over how the social network collects, shares, and allows 3rd parties to access user data. There’s a lot of information online about all of this, but this article sums it up nicely. Our thoughts – Facebook isn’t free – we all pay to use it by sharing our data. While we can limit A LOT of what Facebook knows about us, the only way to eliminate the data issue entirely is to delete your Facebook account and not use the Internet. The first is an easier thing to do than not using the Internet. Bottom line – our data is the currency we pay with to use “free” services across many parts of our life, not just online. The best thing you can do is be aware of how a software or business uses your data, and protect yourself accordingly.

Privacy Updates. On the heels of concerns around Facebook’s data-sharing practices, Facebook and Instagram both updated their data and privacy policies. These updates, especially on Instagram, are having major impacts on Influencers (those who are paid to promote products/services to their followers).  Our take – you should be able to control what is shared about you, online, and the social networks are making positive steps in that direction. We’ll see a continued tightening of privacy policies that impact data usage across all social networks.

Social Media is, first and foremost, SOCIAL. This is something we’ve said from the start here at BeeSmart. After all, it’s called FACEbook, for a reason. We’re beginning to see a renaissance within social media, where businesses are returning to being more social, showing more faces in posts, and getting back to the human factor (instead of promoting blogs). It’s a difficult strategy to balance, but we’re here to help you with this! Give us a call, or reach out, if you’d like to discuss.


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