Increased Facebook Page Engagement by 2,795 People – Best Planner Ever Did It!


Increased Facebook Page Engagement by 2,795 People – Best Planner Ever Did It!


“I really love working with Julie Bee and her team. It never ceases to amaze me how great a job they do sourcing our content and making us look great on social media. They are super responsive and save me so much time so I can focus on the other parts of my business that need my attention!”


Jennifer Dawn, Founder

Best Planner Ever

Client Snapshot

  • Company: Best Planner Ever
  • Location: Eastern NY / Serves a National Audience
  • Number of Employees: 5
  • Challenges: 
    • Posting regular, unique content
    • Expanding reach and awareness
    • Selling yearly planner
  • Solutions: 
    • Posting to Facebook & Instagram
    • Strategic changes to improve campaign results
    • Working hand-in-hand with business owner
  • Results:
    • Increased Facebook monthly clicks by 2,795 clicks
    • Increased Facebook monthly reach by 82,099 people
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About Best Planner Ever

Best Planner Ever is a daily calendar and planner for women. The planner helps women get organized, stay focused, and knock their goals out of the park! Thousands of motivated women (and growing!) use the planner to achieve greater clarity and focus, move their business/career goals forward, AND have a satisfying personal life. The Best Planner Ever helps women tame the chaos of the day, be less “busy,” and more effective.

The creator of Best Planner Ever, Jennifer Dawn, has built two multi-million dollar businesses, is a published author, and accomplished speaker. She is dedicated to empowering women globally to lead effective and joyful daily lives.

We at BeeSmart Social Media look forward to continuing our work with Jennifer and the Best Planner Ever team, and watching this great little business grow!

Social Media Services BeeSmart Provides to Best Planner Ever

  • Post twice per week to Facebook
  • Maintaining Facebook Page
  • Launching brand on Instagram
  • Post twice per week to Instagram
  • Balance promotional content with motivational content, while only using content from client’s website and graphic design team.
  • Strategy for Facebook ads, which the client runs on their own
  • Work WITH client, as a team, to improve their social media presence

Social Media Results

Best Planner Ever

A big part of what BeeSmart Social Media does for Best Planner Ever involves social media strategy. We recently made a change in strategy, and the results show the impact of that change. We work together to make all of our efforts more effective!

Facebook Increased Clicks by 4,050%

  • Before we changed the Facebook strategy, Best Planner Ever received 69 Facebook clicks, in November 2016.
  • After we changed the Facebook strategy, they received 2,864 Facebook clicks, in September 2017.

That’s an increase of 2,795 clicks per month!

Before - Total Clicks = 69 Clicks


After- Total Clicks = 2,864 Clicks

increased-facebook-page-BPE After Clicks

What does this mean?

A Facebook click indicates someone showed interest in a Facebook post, and they clicked on it. It means more people went to the Best Planner Ever website. It also means more people showed an interest, that goes beyond just viewing the post, in the content Best Planner Ever posted to Facebook.

82, 099 More People Have Seen Best Planner Ever on Facebook

Facebook reach counts the number of people who have seen a post from a Facebook page.

  • In November 2016 (before our strategy change), Best Planner Ever reached 3,371 people on Facebook.
  • In September 2017, Best Planner Ever reached 85,470 people on Facebook.

An increase of 2,435%!

Before - Total Reach = 3,371 People

increased-facebook-page-BPE Before Reach

After - Total Reach = 85,470 People

BPE After Reachincreased-facebook-page

771 More People Like (Follow) Best Planner Ever on Facebook:

Through strategic Facebook ads, Best Planner Ever has seen an increase of 771 people who follow them.

  • November 2016 Facebook Likes = 354 people.
  • September 2017 Facebook Likes = 1,125 people.

A 218% increase in Likes!

Before - Total Likes = 354 People

BPE Before Likes-increased-facebook-page

After - Total Likes = 1,125 People

BPE After Likes-increased-facebook-page

Best Planner Ever Facebook Increased Engagement by 2,495 People

This data counts the number of times people engaged with a Page post. If a person likes a Page post, that counts as one engagement. Comments, shares, and clicks also count as a Facebook Engagement.

  • In November 2016, Best Planner Ever had 66 engagement activities on their Facebook Page posts.
  • By September 2017, the number had soared to 2,561 engagement activities!

That’s an increase of 3,780% !

Before - Facebook Engagement = 66

increased-facebook-page-BPE Before Engaged

After - Facebook Engagement = 2,561

BPE After Engaged-increased-facebook-page

Best Planner Ever Behind the Scenes

Best Planner Ever grew out of Jennifer Dawn’s passion to help her clients achieve their goals WITHOUT sacrificing their personal lives to do so. Launched in 2015, the planner has helped thousands of women find balance, tame the chaos, and be more effective every day.

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