What are the best hashtags for ecommerce shops?

We get asked about hashtags all the time. What are the best hashtags for ecommerce makers selling on an eCommerce site? What should I use? Where do I find them? How do I use them? Where do I put them in our content?

Are you a maker who wants to know more about hashtags? We would like to give you some tools to help!

There are three main types of best hashtags for ecommerce to focus on

  1. Your branded hashtags

That is usually #yourcompanyname or #companyinitials or a shortened version of your company name. You will have two or three of those and that is your branded hashtag.

  1. Product/Niche hashtags

The second type of hashtags are your product and/or niche hashtags. Maybe you have amazing hair care products. That might be #amazinghair. Or maybe your product serves a hobby market or a niche market like stand-up paddleboarder. You could use #SUP.

  1. Trending hashtags

Finally, the third type of hashtags are the ones that are current or trending. These are truly relevant at that point in time.  #bfcm (Black Friday, Cyber Monday) is a hashtag that ramps up around the holidays. Other holidays as well, #MothersDay, #FathersDay are great Instagram hashtags for makers marketing. And trending hashtags are not just holiday focused. They may only be popular one time and that is it.

These are the best hashtags for ecommerce and for business growth.


You always want to make sure the best hashtags for ecommerce are the ones you are using! They must be accurate and more importantly, aligned with your brand. Do not just throw hashtags in there just to throw them in. Rule number one: Make sure they are in line with your brand voice.

Researching good Instagram hashtags for makers

There are three ways you can do hashtag research.

  1. One is a free website called Sistrix. You can look for 25 free hashtags every day and it’s a great tool. Sistrix will help generate some ideas possibly beyond what you are thinking.

  2. I also really like Instagram’s hashtag search tool. When you type in a hashtag you can see how many people have used it in a post. This tool is extremely helpful, and it usually generates some other ideas for you.

  3. Finally, look at your best customers. Look at some influencers that you have worked with or you would like to work with. Also, look at some of your competitors! See what they are using to get a feel for what is popular in your industry.


One point of caution

When selecting the best hashtags for ecommerce brands like yours, be sure you do not use a banned Instagram hashtag. But how will you know? Basically, take the hashtag you want to use, and put it into the Instagram search bar. If it comes back with zero posts it might be a banned hashtag.  Watch out for banned hashtags! If one slips into your posts, no one will see your post! It will also dramatically limit the number of people who see your content. If you continue to use it you get basically negative points from Instagram. Your account might never recover from that quite honestly.

Final Tip! When you are implementing hashtags for maker marketing, mix it up! Do not use the same exact hashtags over and over, repeatedly. It is fine to have groups of hashtags that you post together but even then, you should try to mix it up a little bit.

Those are some quick tips on hashtags for maker businesses. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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