What BeeSmart Social Media Does

What do we do? We provide effective, cheap social media marketing services to entrepreneurs and micro-business owners.


What We Do for Clients

Our cheap social media marketing plans were created with the entrepreneur and micro-business owner in mind. These plans start at $75/month, are fully implemented for you, and are effective. Do not be concerned about the low-cost. These plans create real results for our clients. If you have any doubts, check out our testimonials.

These plans aren’t just a strategy or “how-to” guides. We actually DO the social media marketing for your company, every week. And we do this in a budget-friendly way, so you can continue to grow your business.

You get to sit back and relax, knowing the work is done. You can be as hands off or as hands on as you’d like. No matter what happens in your world, your social media marketing is taken care of.

And if you want to do a little more? We also provide affordable blogging and affordable social media growth plans.

What Sparkler Background

Is this for real?

We get it. $75/month social media sounds to good to be true. But yes, it is real, and it delivers results.

We’re able to provide services for lower prices because we price our services fairly. Just because our competitors charge $300/month for similar services doesn’t mean we need to charge that amount.

We are also selective about who we pick to be on our team. We only work with entrepreneurs and micro-businesses.

It’s more important to us that our services be accessible to entrepreneurs than making an obscene profit. We’re all about helpingĀ  micro-businesses succeed. We want you to be in business a very long time – a goal we share. We do whatever we can to help turn that goal into reality.

When asked why an entrepreneur would buy our services, here’s what we say…

We help you and your company:
-Own its branded search engine (Google) results with our smallest service offering.
-Be found online when a potential client searches for you.
-Be more visible than your competitors in your market.
Stay in front of your existing clients on the social networks they use everyday.
-Provide an easy way for existing clients to refer business to you.
-Demonstrate your level of service and care.
-Gain peace of mind that your social media accounts reflect the professionalism of your company
-Provide ongoing care for your clients AFTER they become a client
-Spend your time focusing on your clients, not on social media

Measurable Results from Social Media

The above list shares some of the intangibles of working with us. Our cheap social media marketing services provide tangible, measurable results, too.

In the first phase of measurable social media marketing results, you can expect social network growth. This means more Facebook Likes, more Twitter Followers, and so on.

During the second phase of results, you will experience increased engagement on social media. This includes more comments on your Facebook posts, more Twitter mentions, and increases in other types of engagement on the social network.

The third phase of social media results is where rubber meets the road, so to speak. In this phase, you’ll experience increased traffic to your website, which turns into leads for your business (if your website does its job).

These are all tangible, measurable results you can review to decide if your investment with us is worth it to you.

Want to Learn More?

Not quite ready to contact us? That’s OK. Learn more about what you get when you sign up for an affordable social media plan.

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