B2B Influencer Marketing Services for Your Business

B2B Influencer Marketing

Helping B2B companies achieve visibility through innovative marketing tactics.

B2B influencer marketing is a relatively new marketing tactic. If your company decides to implement it, you want an experienced strategist on your team.

What Is B2B Influencer Marketing?

B2B influencer marketing is a crucial tool for companies looking to increase visibility and boost their brand image. These services leverage the power of influential individuals in various business sectors to help spread word about a company’s products and services. By implementing B2B influencer marketing, businesses can reach more potential customers and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

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Why Use B2B Influencer Marketing?

  • Having others tell their followers about your business is more effective than you saying it.
  • B2B influencer marketing generates unique content for your company.
  • Entrepreneurs using B2B influencer marketing experience an increase in visibility.
  • It can increase credibility similar to online reviews.

Our B2B influencer marketing services are a good option for most B2B brands.

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B2B Influencer Marketing Prices

Our B2B influencer marketing services vary in price from $499 per month to $2,999 per month. This does not include the influencer fees. Due to the nature of B2B influencer marketing, we custom quote every client because every client has different needs. Your product or service, target audience, budget for influencers, and time frame will all be factors in the plan we recommend for you, along with additional considerations we’ll discover when we talk.


Our contract is month-to-month and requires a 90-day cancellation notice. B2B influencer marketing requires us to work in advance, and there’s a lot of back and forth with influencers that happens behind the scenes.

We will primarily work on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube for B2B influencer marketing services.

Why Choose Us for B2B Influencer Marketing Services?

We have 15+ years of experience in B2B social media marketing. While B2B influencer marketing is a relatively new offering, our experience enabled us to quickly develop a process, test it, and ensure that it would be effective for your brand.

Our B2B influencer marketing services were built with you in mind.

Blocks with business words about b2b influencer marketing servicesYou have worked really hard to build your reputation and credibility, and we will honor that as we become part of your team. You can rest assured that we’ll take our role as brand stewards very seriously.

If you want more time to work on your business and not IN your business, our B2B influencer marketing services can help lighten your load and provide peace of mind.

And, with our 90-day cancellation policy, you can cancel our B2B influencer marketing services without being stuck in a 12-month contract (an industry standard).

BeeSmart’s team is here to help. With our unique approach to these services, we will help you build an online presence that’s worthy of your business and reputation.

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B2B Influencer Marketing System

A customized marketing system designed for your business.

Step 1


You sign-up, no long-term commitments.

Step 2


We have a launch call to review brand questions and gain access to your accounts. We’ll also define your ideal B2B influencer marketing target.

Step 3


Research of, outreach to, and negotiations with the influencers happen behind the scenes, but we will keep you updated along the way. The phase takes around 45-60 days.

Step 4


The influencers start posting content that celebrates and highlights your brand, increasing your brand’s awareness and credibility. This happens between 60-90 days after our engagement begins.

More about B2B Influencer Marketing Services

B2B influencer marketing has become an important tool for businesses and marketers looking to expand their reach and connect with potential clients. By leveraging the power and influence of trusted b2b influencers, businesses can effectively market their products and services to a wider audience, driving higher engagement, visibility, and revenue.

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B2B influencer marketing services can also help businesses reach a higher level of credibility.

Hand pressing power button for b2b influencer marketing servicesAt BeeSmart, our B2B influencer marketing services specialize in helping businesses connect with influential figures in their field. Whether you are looking to promote a new product or build awareness for your brand, our experts can help you identify the best b2b influencers and develop targeted outreach strategies. Using an array of tools and industry-specific research methods, we leverage our extensive network of contacts to connect your business with key players in your industry. So if you’re looking to take your b2b marketing efforts to the next level, contact us today to learn more about our b2b influencer marketing services.

We understand the unique needs of our clients when it comes to B2B marketing services,  and we have the expertise needed to create effective campaigns that help our clients reach new audiences and drive business growth. Our team works closely with industry leaders in a wide range of fields to make sure your B2B marketing influencers are a good fit for your needs.

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