BeeSmart Social Media: Authentic Culture Point

Here at BeeSmart Social Media, one of our authentic culture is a primary focus.

Authentic Culture – More than Buzzwords

Authentic, authenticity, authentically. There are so many ways to express this concept. Sometimes “authentic” is viewed as a hollow word. For example, I have heard some people say that it is played out and overused. I kind of agree with people that it is overused. So you might be saying, “Julie, why in the world did you pick an authentic culture point if you know it’s overused?” Let me tell you why.

Take Action

When used as a standalone descriptor, “authentic” gets overused. As a stand-alone adjective, it’s quite honestly, meaningless. You have to use authentic as a verb. Here at BeeSmart, we try to live authentically. We try to have that be a verb and not just a word that is written on a wall or on a website.  Basically, you need action to back it up. Authentic is an action here at BeeSmart.



For me personally, and for our BeeSmart team, being authentic is being vulnerable enough to know who you are and owning that. We honor vulnerability here at BeeSmart.  That is one of the ways that we are authentic. For example, we do not sugarcoat things. We are direct and to the point with most of our clients and the people that we interact with. Consequently, I think that is why we have been around for as long as we have been. We have a good reputation and it starts for us with being authentic. That’s what also drives our loyalty culture. Really living that word as a verb, as an action item.

No Apologies

The other thing that we do here that makes us authentic is that we own who we are, and we do not apologize for it. We don’t apologize for being who we are and for working with very specific types of clients. You won’t find us apologizing for that. We don’t change who we are to fit into a box that somebody else thinks we should be in. I have worked with a lot of clients over the years and you know sometimes prospects that come to us have an idea of what a social media agency should do and we’re just not a fit. We don’t try to change ourselves to fit into that box.

Authentic Culture Point in Practice

It is important to understand that being authentic is much more than just an empty word. It is living in action, it is vulnerability. In addition, it is not changing our principles and our values to fit what somebody else wants us to be. That to us, and that to me personally, is what it means to be authentic. For instance, if you have ever met me in person or you’ve watched my videos, I’m pretty black and white. What you see is what you get. I will tell you how it is. However, I can do that with humor, and I do laugh a lot. I am very humorous and get along with just about everybody. But I think the reason I can do that is that I practice authenticity. I live that as a verb.

An Authentic Invitation

Above all, it is important for that to come through. For us to live into it and be who we are and not be ashamed. Be very proud of that. If you would like to learn more about authentic culture, have a conversation with us online. Have a conversation with me personally. I invite you to live into your authenticity to live into your vulnerability. Just be who you are and don’t be ashamed by that. Do not shy away from that. When you do that you attract the type of person to you that you want to work with and that you want to have in your ecosphere.

Work With Us

In closing, that is just a little bit about our culture here at BeeSmart.  A little bit about what authenticity and being authentic means to us here. I hope you found this information helpful and it gives you some insights about what it might be like to work with us.