Annoying Social Media in One Step

Annoying Social Media in One Step

Here’s the secret to annoying social media for entrepreneurs and tiny businesses.

Post exclusively, and repeatedly, about your business.

It’s that simple! Now, any company can offer annoying social media to its single-digit followers.

Seriously, folks, aren’t we past this?

No. No, we are not.

Annoying Social Media – Please Stop

Have you ever been to a networking event where a business owner talks about how great their business is?

Did it make you feel icky?

Did you want to get away from that person as quickly as possible?

Yeah, it’s the same thing with annoying social media.

If you are an entrepreneur, or any human person who uses social media for a business, please look at your social media posts.

Do more than 20% of those business social media posts exclusively promote your business service or product?

If you answered yes, congratulations. Your company posts annoying social media.

It’s OK, it happens. It’s (usually) not your fault.

Most entrepreneurs and business owners have good intentions for their social media strategies.


Why does annoying social media plague so many tiny businesses?

Where did you get the idea that posting only about your business would work?

Annoying Social Media – Why It Happens

There are many reasons why annoying social media happens.

A few of those reasons include:

#1: Someone told an entrepreneur that social media marketing is a free promotional tool for their business. Hearing this, the entrepreneur begins promoting his business on social networks.

#2: Small business owners have been told they must post to social networks multiple times a day to have any impact. Without the resources to create original, unique content regularly, these small business owners rely on promotional content for the bulk of their posts.

#3: Many entrepreneurs have very little time, money, and/or no energy to create original content and images. This leads them to post what they have – pages on their website.

#4: Lack of experience. If you don’t know what you don’t know, you’re gonna mess up.

#5: Some “expert” told you it was OK. Yes, there are social media “experts” who say posting exclusively about your business is OK. This is SO wrong that we don’t even have time to go into it here.

The good news is, fixing annoying social media is a fairly simple process.

Annoying Social Media Recovery Process

To fix your annoying social media issue, we suggest the following steps.

First, you have to identify if your business crossed the line into annoying social media.

Review your last 20 posts. How many were promotional? If more than 4 of those 2o posts were promotional, you’ve crossed the line into annoying social media.

Next, identify why you feel you have to post only promotional content. Stop posting until you figure this out.

Where you told it was OK? It’s not.

Do you have nothing else to share? If you have nothing else to post, consider posting less frequently, or develop a content creation plan.

If you do not have time to create original content, curate content of others.

Curating content for others is a great tactic to use when you don’t have the time, money, or energy to create your own content.

Some of the most successful social media strategies included curated content. Other opinions and insights matter, especially to your target audience.

Finally, once you identify what non-promotional content you will post, create a social media calendar to plan your posting schedule.

When Posts About Your Business Are Not Annoying Social Media

Sometimes, posts about your business are not annoying social media. Here are a few examples.

Example #1: Behind the scenes photos that do not promote your product or service

Posting a picture of a new employee = good idea.

Tacking onto the end of that post, “And don’t forget, John is ready to serve you and your accounting needs.” = BAD idea.

I’m also sure John, your brand new employee, loves being your new poster boy.

Example #2: Blog posts that offer relevant, helpful information

Let’s assume you own a residential landscaping company.

Posting a blog (from your website) that explains the 5 steps to winterize a lawnmower = good idea.

Posting a blog (from your website) promoting the newest lawnmower your company sells = BAD idea.

You get the idea. Posting a blog that lives on your website to your social media profiles is OK, as long as you’re not overly-promoting with those posts.

Why Annoying Social Media Is Bad

If your annoying social media repels people, how will it ever work for your business?

Don’t be the person that talks about how awesome they are. People are smart – they see through it.

Instead, be the business that people are drawn to, and rely on, for valuable and insightful information.

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