Affordable Social Media

You are an entrepreneur or small business owner looking for affordable social media help.

That’s exactly what we deliver.

Affordable Social Media Plan, Only $75/Month, Includes:

Affordable Social Media Square Services

–Nine posts per week.

–Across 3 different social profiles.

–We find the content to post, including images.

–Be as hands on, or hands off, as you’d like.

–Reports to monitor your progress.

–No contract. Cancel anytime, with a 30 day notice.

–Research to make sure we’re implementing the best social strategy for you.

–Unlimited consulting, by phone, email, & video chat.

Our clients stay with us for a long time…

Chris Reshetar, Client Since November 2011

Affordable Social Media Chris

Let’s discuss your social media strategy with a free consultation:

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Why Choose Us?

We take social media off your plate!

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Affordable Social Media Plan Outcomes

Here are a few REAL outcomes our clients on our affordable social media plan have experienced.

A mortgage broker is found by a potential new client:

Mortgage Broker Social Media Success

A Tax Accountant draws interest on Facebook:

CPA Social Media Success

We have many other examples, references, and data we can share with you, upon request.

Ready to get started? 

Once we receive your information from the form above, we schedule a phone call or email chat with you, to ensure we can help you.

We speak to every potential client BEFORE they sign up, so we can be sure we can help them. That just makes sense to us.

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Busy Entrepreneurs Love Our Affordable Social Media Services

As an entrepreneur you wear many hats, including Chief Marketing Officer. You do your marketing yourself, but you struggle to find time for social media.

We get it, and we can help. We created our affordable social media plan JUST FOR YOU.

Our affordable social media marketing plan is designed for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, micro-business owners, and small business owners.

The little guys and gals that are so busy running their business, they need help to keep up with many aspects of growing their business.

And they need affordable social media plans that fit their budget.

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We make it easy to work with us, too. All of our plans are no contract, cancel anytime, with a 30 day notice.

You can call or email us at any time if you have questions or concerns.

We are here for you, and we’re on your team. We want your business to succeed!

Affordable Social Media Service Process

How do we provide this affordable social media marketing service?

Before we begin, we have a conversation about your social media needs. If we’re a good fit, we begin this quick set up process:Affordable Social Media Blue Piggy Bank

Step 1: You make the initial payment.

Step 2: We gain access to your social media accounts.

Step 3: We do research to plan your social media strategy.

Step 4: We implement that strategy & begin posting.

We use a mix of software, technology, and experience to provide low cost social media services.

That’s the gist of how we provide services.

What’s more important is why we do what we do.

We felt compelled to create an affordable social media marketing plan that works for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

We are champions for the little guys!

Cheap Social Media Services?

Affordable Social Media StrawberriesThis program may be a cheap social media plan, but it isn’t flimsy – it is effective and fits the needs of our clients.

We have many clients who have been on this plan for over a year, some for 4+ years!

Sometimes, our clients upgrade to one of our other low cost social media services for small business. Often, though, our $75/month plan is all our clients need for the long-run.

No matter what, we will make you look good online.

Looking good online means your business makes a good first impression through all of your online properties. This includes your social media profiles.

Whether you need this affordable social media plan for a year, or you want to stay on this plan much longer, we’ve got you covered.

Please fill out the form above, and a real human from our team will contact you.

We look forward to hearing from you!