Affordable Social Media Marketing Services

If you’re like many entrepreneurs and micro-business owners, you do not have a large budget for social media. We created our affordable social media marketing services just for you.

Did you create a Facebook Page or Twitter profile for your business a few years ago, but have not looked at it since? You meant to get back to it, to post updates, and to engage with your audience, but running your business got in the way. Our affordable social media marketing services plans can help you with this!

Or, perhaps you recently started a business. You know you need an affordable social media marketing services plan because you do not have time to do the work yourself.

Affordable Social Media Marketintg Services

We understand, because we’re a micro-business too (and our Founder is an entrepreneur). We help business owners like you (and us!) every day with our affordable social media marketing services for small businesses.

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Affordable Social Media Marketing Services

Our affordable social media marketing services growth plans start at $150/month. These plans are no contract, cancel anytime (with a 30 day notice). We don’t want to lock you into a long-term contract — we’re not those guys & gals.

If you’re looking for services under $100/month, check out our cheap social media marketing plan for $75/month. That’s a great starter plan.

Back to the $150/month growth plans…

For $150/month, your receive:

–A total of 9 status updates each week to 3 social profiles. We post 3 times to each social network, each week. We find the content for you.

–For example, 3 posts to Twitter, 3 posts to Facebook, and 3 posts to LinkedIn. We also work on Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram, if that’s what your company needs.

-Social Media Growth, on 1 social profile, for one business goal.

— Each month we use a variety of tactics to grow your followers, and/or increase your brand’s engagement on social media. We focus on one business goal, such as website visitors, brand awareness, or growing your followers, at this level.

Unlimited consulting, by phone or email, for all of your online marketing questions. This includes questions about your website, search engine optimization, blogging, and other online marketing concerns.

–We will answer any questions you have, and any questions we cannot answer, we’ll refer you to one of our trusted partners. You always have help when you’re a BeeSmart client.

We have plans to accommodate larger budgets as well. Most clients find the $150/month service meets their needs, and stay on it long-term. Whatever your needs and budget, we can help you with our affordable social media marketing services geared for growth.

Affordable Social Media Marketing Services Outcomes

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Our affordable social media marketing services for growth achieve several objectives for our clients.

First, these plans help your company reach a new audience that has little to no awareness of your business.

We achieve this in a variety of ways, and we’d be happy to discuss with you.

We customize this effort to your business and consider your geographic location, your ideal customer profile, and many other factors to create the best plan for your business.

Second, these plans help you stay engaged with your existing and former customers. We often find business owners overlook their best marketing source – referrals from existing and former customers.

Our affordable social media marketing services for growth help you stay in front of those happy customers who’ve already done business with your company.

Third, these plans make you look good online, to Google and to real people. Your online relevancy will continue to grow in importance as the Internet continues to evolve.

This includes mobile device relevancy. People use social media networks on their mobile devices more than on their desktop, and this trend will continue. By being active on social media, your company will reach your target audience where THEY are – on their smartphones and tablets.

Fourth, these plans will increase traffic to your website. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you want people to go to your website and complete some action. Our affordable social media marketing services growth plans will help make this happen.

We do recommend giving these plans at least 6 months to achieve the above objectives. However, many of our clients experience results in the first month of service.

$150/Month Effective Social Media – Really? How?

We get this question a lot, and the answer is simple – because we can.

We can provide effective, affordable social media marketing services at a reasonable price and still make a profit. We’re in business to make money, just like you are. But we do not believe in over-pricing our services just because the other guys and gals do it.

Seriously though, how do you do it?

Without giving away any trade secrets, we can tell you we have several systems in place that create internal efficiencies. This allows us to offer these services at reasonable prices. We rely on these systems and tools to provide effective services to our clients.

We also have 10+ years of experience in with social media, so that helps :-) Our Founder has worked with social media for business since 2004, before Facebook or Twitter existed. She used MySpace and Friendster, in case you were wondering. How many other social media agencies can say that?

Finally, we constantly innovate our systems to find and explore ways to better serve our customers without increasing costs.

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