Affordable Email Marketing Services

Affordable Email Marketing for Your Business

Your email list is one of your most valuable marketing assets.

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If you’re looking for affordable email marketing that doesn’t sacrifice quality, you’ve found the right provider.

Affordable Email Marketing For Your Business

One of the first avenues of digital marketing, email marketing continues to be a strong performer that provides results, as well as helpful data and insights into the users who read a company’s emails. When affordable email marketing campaigns follow best practices, are based on research, and are relevant to the audience, the email won’t be viewed as spam – the audience will find it very helpful.

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Affordable Email Marketing is Ideal For…

  • Business owners who want help writing a catchy message.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to spend less time in marketing and more time on their business.
  • Business owners who want an experienced email marketing partner.
  • Entrepreneurs searching for a solution that fits within their budget.

Our affordable email marketing services are a good option for most small businesses.

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Affordable Email Marketing Packages


  • ONE email per month
  • Text only
  • Basic email support – 5 business days


  • TWO emails per month
  • Custom design + text
  • A/B testing on two emails each QUARTER
  • Brand Words template & review
  • Standard email support – 3 business days
  • Quarterly Reports


  • FOUR emails per month
  • Custom design + text
  • A/B testing on two emails each MONTH
  • DONE FOR YOU Brand Words Document
  • Priority email support – 1 business day
  • Monthly Reports


Our contract is month-to-month and requires a 60-day cancellation notice.

No, your company is responsible for the email software fees, which can range from $15/month to $150/month, depending on the size of your list and functionality needs.

The Brand Words template & review is available on the Standard plan. The template is a document you will use to identify how anyone who works on your marketing and brand (us included) should talk about your brand, and how they should not talk about your brand. Once you complete the template, we will review it, ask questions, and make suggestions for improvement. This is a document you can use with anyone who works on your brand in the future.

The Brand Words done FOR you is a service we offer on the Deluxe plan. Instead of you completing the Brand Words template, we create it for you. We do the research and analysis to make sure we get it right. You will provide feedback on the first draft, and then we adjust our work. Once completed, the Brand Words information is something that can help you ensure everyone who represents your brand (employees, contractors, vendors, other marketing consultants, etc.) knows exactly how to talk about your brand.

Zoom/virtual meetings with up to 10 business owners total, with Julie. This is a great time to get direct coaching, questions answered, and network with other business owners.

The quarterly Zoom calls are with a BeeSmart team member, and will include up to 25 total clients or their reps (virtual assistants, marketing assistants, etc.). This gives you the chance to meet with Julie once a quarter, ask questions, get coaching, and also do some networking with other business owners. Dates and times are determined on an ad hoc basis. The meetings last from 1-2 hours, depending on how many clients show up.

Why Choose Us for Affordable Email Marketing Services?

You’ve worked hard to build your brand, and you need someone you can trust with the content sent to your most valuable marketing asset – your email list.

Our affordable email marketing services were built with you in mind.

We have over 15 years of experience in email marketing, so you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done right.

laptop and coffee for affordable email marketing servicesThe true magic of our affordable email marketing services starts with a great list that gets paired with relevant, useful, and timely information, and finishes with a follow-up plan that includes a call to action. That’s what you can expect for our email marketing campaigns to achieve the goals set at the start.

And, with our 60-day cancellation policy, you can cancel our affordable email marketing services at any time by giving us a 60-day notice. No questions asked.

BeeSmart’s team is here to help. With our unique approach in our affordable email marketing plans, we will help you build an online presence that’s worthy of your brand.

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Affordable Email Marketing System

A customized marketing system designed for your business.

Step 1


You sign-up. No long-term commitments.

Step 2


We have a launch call to review brand questions, interview you to understand key phrases and industry language, and gain access to your accounts.

Step 3


We develop the affordable email marketing strategy and design the templates needed to implement it.

Step 4


Beginning in the 2nd month of service, we will begin sending emails to your database.

More about Affordable Email Marketing

Our affordable email marketing plans makes use of one of the most versatile forms of marketing. It can be used for a variety of goals and initiatives. We find affordable email marketing campaigns are best used to generate growth, educate customers and potential customers, retain clients, engage with employees, get more referrals, and even help close business. The campaigns used to achieve these outcomes look very different from one to another, but the campaign results usually fall within the above categories.Affordable Email Marketing Packages

Our affordable email marketing services are adaptable to your company’s unique needs.

It’s such a versatile tool that we often recommend one of our email marketing plans as a stand-alone marketing initiative. It also pairs well with our affordable social media marketing plans or our social media management affordable services.

At BeeSmart, we often find that our affordable email marketing plans are a fit for most organizations because of the flexibility. For example, we might recommend an email lead-nurturing campaign for a B2B business with a long sales cycle. Customer appreciation campaigns can be used universally. A customer retention campaign is ideal for companies who sell subscriptions or retainer-based contracts.

If you’d like to learn more about how email marketing might benefit your business, please reach out to schedule a call with us!

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