Abandoned Cart Email Strategy Explained

I’m here today to share the secret to a great abandoned cart email strategy.

Having an abandoned cart email strategy is important!

You probably already planned most of your marketing for 2021, but if you have not that is okay. We’ve got you! Do not worry about that!


Let us talk about your sales and conversions. I am about to share the secret to this abandoned cart email strategy that we preach here at BeeSmart. First, we like to ensure that all of our clients are doing abandoned cart emails.

I can hear what you’re saying, “Yeah, yeah, Julie. I’ve got it. Don’t need to be preached about this.”

Are you ready for the secret to abandoned cart emails?

Hold on! Do not stop reading! The secret to abandoned cart emails is that I want you to not send just one email and not just two. I want you to send at least three abandoned cart emails.

The big secret to abandoned cart emails is that you need to create a series of those emails.  Three to five emails will help you convert better. When we initially look at a new client’s system I look to see- are they sending abandoned cart emails? Then, are they just sending one? The second thing I look at is are they sending a series?  We know a series converts better.

How do I create an abandoned cart email series?

We have an online learning platform that we can share with you. On day three we get into this subject that gives you a little bit more detail about how to go about doing an abandoned cart email series. But suffice it to say, send more than one email. Send at least three, and up to five.  That will help you improve your closing rate on the people that you worked so hard to get to your website. Think about the money and the time and the effort you put into getting them to the website. To the point where they put something in their cart and entered their email address.


For whatever reason they did not convert – it happens. It happens quite a bit. But don’t lose all that effort that you’ve already put in. All you really must do to maximize it from there. Send a few emails. And if you are doing that and it is not converting, I’m happy to take a look at that for you and offer you some ideas.

Stay tuned! I am going to give you some more information like this as the year goes on. Hopefully, it will help you get more conversions this month and all year long. Hopefully, you are already thinking about next year’s holiday season but don’t lose sight of the months between now and then because you have a lot of opportunities to make your business grow.

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