Why being a socially responsible brand can benefit your business.

We have talked a lot this year about social mission and how that can play into your marketing. Specifically, for eCommerce brands, it is especially important. I would like to share with you the three reasons why being a socially responsible brand can benefit your business.

Your Tribe

When you are a socially responsible brand and have a social mission, it helps you find and build a tribe. You bond around a similar cause. Around something that you all hold near and dear to your heart. No matter what your mission is, that cause comes built-in with a community that you can tap into.


What’s your cause? You may be eco-friendly. Maybe it’s something related to helping children or advocating for veterans. Most eCommerce brands have a social mission- they just don’t talk about it.

Content Creation

The second benefit to being a socially responsible brand is that it is a great way to generate content. Content that can be used for social media, for your website, for emails, videos, and for really any marketing you do.  Social mission provides that behind-the-scenes brand story content that is so important. Your social mission will set you apart from your competitors. Besides promoting your products, it is very important to have something else to talk about and a social mission is one of those things that can really help you stand out above the crowd.

Customer Generation

Finally, your social mission is going to create customers. Back to the first point about your tribe. At first, people may just be interested in you and they may not really buy products. But that tribe of people not only will they be more likely to purchase from you but they are going to be more likely to share your brand and what you do with their friends. That is the best you can get in word-of-mouth marketing!

There are other benefits to being a socially responsible brand, but we try not to focus so much on the sales side at first. If you make decisions based on how much revenue it’s going to bring you, especially with social mission marketing, it’s not going to work out. You will not be authentic if you let dollars be the driving factor. When you choose your social mission, it must be very authentic and very true to your brand and very true to you- the founder. It needs to resonate with you so just be aware of that when you are selecting your mission.

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