5 Ways to Leverage Twitter for Your Small Business

5 Ways to Leverage Twitter for Your Small Business

Twitter is one of the best marketing tools for small businesses. It’s so effective that 93% of people who follow a small business on Twitter plan to purchase from them.

Sounds great, so why not just jump in? Well, you should. But, you also need a few strategies for getting the most out of Twitter for your company. Whether you’re new to Twitter or are looking for ways to amp up your Twitter presence, these five strategies will help you get noticed.

Have a Strong and Consistent Business Profile

It may seem simple but having a strong business profile is absolutely crucial. Think of your profile as a first impression – how interested individuals view your Twitter profile in that moment can determine whether they engage with your small business in the future.

There are a few tips for optimizing your professional profile on Twitter. First, with 330 million active monthly users, you might not be lucky enough to get a handle that matches your other social media names. Still, you should still try to get close and make sure it’s relevant to your brand.

Additionally, take these steps to polish your professional Twitter profile.

  • Include your business logo in your profile
  • Build a strong bio with short, concise wording and links to your website, to build trust and authenticity
  • Use brand specific background photos to add an attractive visual element to your profile

#Hashtags #Hashtags #Hashtags

Hashtags are a critical element to Twitter marketing success. Without them, the only people that see your Tweets are those who are already your followers. This is fine, but you should have bigger goals.

The trick is using strong keywords for hashtags that are going to generate interest among your target audience.

Say for example, you’re a social media marketing company and you’ve just posted an epic piece of content about generating huge website traffic in three steps. You could use a bland, nonspecific hashtag like #socialmedia or you could try something stronger like #marketingtips #marketingwins.

Put a Twitter Widget Everywhere

Being active on Twitter only gets you so far if your audience doesn’t know you’re there.

Makes sure to include Twitter widgets on everything. This includes your webpages, blogs, emails, and any other type of digital communication between you and your audience.

Tweet on Schedule

If there’s a secret to Twitter marketing, it’s tweeting regularly and often. It’s simple mathematics. The more you tweet, the more you’re going to be seen. Depending on the time of day you post, you’ll see an exponential rise in engagement.

It’s best to approach Twitter just like any other marketing task. Plan it out, give it thought, and have a schedule. Optimally, you should post several times a day to reach different segments of your audience, but your focus should be when your target audience is mostly likely to be available to engage.

Connect with Your Audience and Build a Community

This is just as much about who you follow as it is who follows you.

Follow people that are important in your community and your industry. Look for both trendsetters and those that have a steady reliable presence. You don’t need to follow everyone randomly, but the more profiles you follow, the more will follow you back. As long as you’re following relevant-to-you profiles on Twitter, this tactic won’t come off as spammy.

Finally, be engaged. Remember, Twitter is supposed to be a two-way conversation. Don’t just Tweet and run. Engage, retweet content from others, get your brand out there, and have fun.

When you’re ready to leverage Twitter to help grow your small business, we’re the social media marketing company that can help. Contact BeeSmart Social Media today to learn more.

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