5 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

5 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

Welcome to the new year!

With the passing of each year comes a sense of renewed energy. It’s one of the best feelings after making it through the holiday season. And, with each new year comes some predictions about what we can expect in the year ahead.

Social media marketing is no exception.

In fact, social media marketing is growing, and always changing. This means that staying ahead of the trends will equal success for your small business.

So, what are we looking at in the coming year? Here are five social media marketing trends of 2018 to get you started.

It’s Story Time

Who doesn’t like a great story?

It sure isn’t the audiences on social media. In fact, they don’t just like stories, they love them.

What we’re referring to are the stories first launched by Snapchat, that follow a timeline, and then disappear from existence after a few hours or a day.

Snapchat had so much success with their story platform that Facebook and Instagram have followed in their footsteps with amazing results. After just nine months, Instagram’s story platform surpassed 200 million daily active users.

How can small business owners leverage the traffic and following created by storytelling platforms? Consider highlighting user-generated photos or videos that show your customers using or wearing your products. Or give viewers a sneak peek into the behind the scenes action of the business. Content produced for stories can be more spontaneous than what lives on the main Instagram or Facebook pages for your business.

Microinfluencers Go Mainstream

You already know that influencers generate traffic, and you know that as a small business, there are aspects of influencer marketing including budget that are out of your reach.

That’s why microinfluencers can be your new best friend, and they’re hot on social media right now.

Microinfluencers are personalities who are celebrities in their own circle. They might not have star power, but that’s ok because it isn’t what your business needs anyway. They are well liked, and well respected, in their communities, business niche, and other smaller circles. When you connect with the right microinfluencer, your brand gains instant visibility and credibility, online.

Live Streaming Energizes Audiences

While live streaming has been on the social media scene for a while now, we’re going to see even more in 2018.

Live streaming engages your audience, and communicates a sense of transparency that you just don’t get with other types of content. Think along the lines of live events, grand openings, tutorials and product launches.

There are endless ways to use live streaming for marketing your business.

User-Generated Content Gets Optimized

There’s no question that content is key.

The challenge is always creating content that touches your audience. You have one resource for content that will always win users over, and that’s the content they create themselves.

Maybe that’s why user-generated content is the buzzword in marketing right now.

In 2018, we’ll see more small brands engage their audience by using content campaigns that include pictures, videos, and stories, such as followers taking pictures of themselves while using your product.

Staying Ahead of Generation Z

Finally, be on the lookout for the new kids on the block, otherwise known as generation Z.

The oldest of this cohort is graduating college and finding their way into careers. This means that they’re next up for purchasing power. Now’s the time to learn about and adapt to their behaviors as consumers. Expect to see small changes in social media marketing now as it braces itself for the next generation.

Ready to learn about all the greatness you can accomplish with social media marketing in 2018. We’re here to help, so contact BeeSmart Social Media today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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