The Psychology Behind Effective Social Media Marketing

The Psychology Behind Effective Social Media Marketing

You created social media accounts for your company, posted killer content, and gained a sizable following. You’re posting daily updates, but your audience just doesn’t seem to be interacting with your posts. So what can you do to improve engagement levels?  

The first step is to understand who your audience is, and to use that knowledge to effectively engage with them.

For your company’s social media marketing strategy to succeed, you need to know why users share what they share online, and their motivations for having an online presence in the first place.

Why People Share Things Online

A New York Times study found that there are 5 primary reasons why people share content online:

  1. They want to make others feel better and share content that will positively impact others. Tap into this by developing optimistic, feel-good content.
  2. They want their online profile to be an idealized version of themselves. Study viral trends, and frame content around popular styles, looks, and ideas.
  3. They want to connect with others. Instruct your followers to tag friends and share your posts.
  4. They like the validation that comes when their posts are shared. Focus on creating content that people will genuinely want to share.
  5. They want to support a specific cause. If your company or brand supports a cause, be sure to showcase it in your content.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

Recent research has found that up to 90% of the reason someone likes or dislikes a product is based on its color. People like products or brand colors to match the personality of the company. So, for example, if you sells kids toys, a black logo will be a major turn-off.

Build Trust

People buy from people they like, which means that they are unlikely to buy from companies they don’t trust. Content created by existing customers, including reviews, is considered more trustworthy than advertisements and press releases touting your company as the best thing since sliced bread. If your company has great reviews, showcase them. Encourage your customers to leave public feedback about your products or services on your social media accounts. Excellent reviews establish trust.

Create Positive Content

People are more likely to share content that is upbeat and positive. Emotions are contagious, and sharing common emotions helps people feel connected. So, create positive content, share uplifting stories, and ask your followers to contribute their own stories. Your audience will feel more connected with your brand as a result.

Knowing your followers is the easiest way to develop content that they can relate to, which drives engagement. If you’re ready to master social media marketing and make your content go viral, contact the experts at BeeSmart Social Media today. We know exactly how to take your web presence to the next level.  

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