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Social Media Management For Established Businesses

Rest easy knowing that your company’s social media presence represents your brand’s voice and message in a way you are proud to share

Welcome to BeeSmart Social Media!

We help our clients amplify the awesome to achieve a social media presence that’s worthy of their brand.

We provide advanced social media management solutions for established businesses and marketing leaders.  

We partner with our clients to plan an advanced social media strategy, and then we promote our clients to ensure their target audience sees and hears their message.

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How We're Different

Personalized Strategy

Every client is unique; we craft a custom social media management plan for your business.

We take work off your plate

You've got enough to do; social media management shouldn't be one of your tasks.

We do everything internally - no outsourcing

When it comes to protecting your brand's voice and vision, we are control freaks. We do everything in-house.

We’re (accessible) humans!

We're real people, not robots. We're accessible by phone, email, and video chat.

Client Input Welcomed

Have an idea for a post? Didn't like something we posted? We welcome all your input and don't shy away from it.

Made in the USA

Proudly Made in the USA. Based in Charlotte, NC, with team members on the East Coast.